The beginning of Open Quest
Open Quest was established in 2002 as a leader in the facilitation field in Asia; who is also the first company that introduced professional “facilitation technology” as its core in Taiwan. We are an international community of practitioners dedicated to the art and mastery of facilitation. Our mission is to catalyze powerful desired change in organizations and individuals through participation, collaboration and integration.

The logo of Open Quest is designed with the two initial alphabets of Open Quest. Circle is the basic graphic of team and communication, which symbolizes the emphasis of our work which relies on the team and communication. And “Open Quest” in English, on the other hand, represents the facilitation process of groups or individuals in the exploration of their own wisdom, through the space of participation that we open.

The logo itself represents the facilitator’s Third Party Neutral position. The facilitator is a self-proclaimed “midwife”, like the little circle on the lower right corner, in the position of an assisting servant, who joins the group (the big circle on the left) when necessary, to help the group with the easiest and the most effective way to get the results needed. The main color is vermillion, which puts emphasis on our main task, the people, and focuses on stimulating passion. The color is gradually stronger and gains dimension, intended to emphasize the dynamic essence of this process.

Professional facilitation methods in the work place go hand in hand with SME (Subject Matter Experts), strategic thinking, leadership tools and management models. Open Quest facilitators aim to assist the group or individual who is facing change, to gain continuous awareness, observation and reflection of the self and the outside world, in order to clarify the present situation and to discover the possibilities that change brings, and to make a choice for the next steps.

We also teach facilitation methods for the client to apply internally themselves. By promoting professional facilitation knowledge, tools and skills, we achieve the ultimate hope that the group or individual can sustain the learning and growth on their own. Our three main service cores are: Meetings into Actions, Weaving Whole Group Wisdom, and Integral Personal Development.

Why choose us?
Three facilitators at Open Quest are the Founding Members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). Up to 2006, there were 1041 International Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) all over the world, among the 33 facilitators in Asia, 4 are in our company. And among less than 40 certified assessors in the world, 6 are in Asia, and 2 in Open Quest. We:

We provide:

  • facilitation services with quality standards on an international level
  • proven effective methods for groups
  • tailor-made contents in collaboration with our clients

We possess:

  • affirmative client recommendations and successful experiences
  • professional certifications and licenses of world famous methods
  • international facilitator network for projects all over the world