Sam Kaner's 'Participatory Decision Making: Advanced Facilitation Skills' in March 2008
Quality Decisions Made By Groups
Confronted by challenges in globalization, diversity and complexity, organizations are dealing with changes in market, competition and stakeholder dynamics. Leaders can no longer make decisions without participation. A new patter of Participatory Decision Making is inevitable. The benefits of group wisdom are prevailing: more recognitions, comprehensiveness and breakthrough innovations. Participants need to acquire common language and common reference points in the process to ensure the quality of decisions made. Empowerment is the key.

Decision Rules
The reason for organizations to form is mainly to provide innovative solutions in answer of certain needs. Such innovative solutions need participation of multiple stakeholders to be sound. Interactions of multiple stakeholder are potentially challenging. In this program, participants will learn how to convene meetings to involve multiple stakeholders, how to plan meeting effectively and how to make sustainable decisions to implement the innovative ideas.

The Secret to Participatory Decision Making
Participatory Decision Making is based on the diamond model. In this program, concepts and tools of the major phases in diamond models will be covered: divergence, groan zone, convergence, and reaching closure. To people who deals with meetings every day, this would be enormous help in how to plan and facilitate a meeting process and how to keep it highly participatory.
This program is structured by the triangle of meeting: topic, process and outcome. Sam will also bring in the most important foundation for meeting sponsors: the rules of decision, also know as “decide how to decide”. Vague decision making rules only cut back on the power of leadership. With adequate application of facilitation methods, a perfect period will be drawn to decision making and a new page of passion and commitment will be turned.

Hands on practice to Touch the Deep in Decision Making
The principles and concepts of participatory decision making plays an essential role in whether organizations could have authentic people engagement. With high level of engagement comes high performance in execution. There will be no worries about no actions made after meetings or misalignment of actions. When used regularly, a meeting will not only be an occasion to solve problems and develop plans, but also a supportive process of individual learning, competency building and effectiveness elevation. Only through actualizing the values of participation, these opportunities could come true and the promise of group decision making could be realized!

Global Expert in Collaboration Bring in Know-How
Sam Kaner Asia Trip
2008 March 8-9th, Taipei