Worldwide Open Space On Open Space (WOSONOS)

You can tell what “Open Space On Open Space” or “OSonOS” is from its wording. It is an annual gathering using Open Space Technology to talk about Open Space Technology, held in a different city every year. Participants are those people who love Open Space Technology from different corner of the world. Some people attend the gathering every year, making it feel like an annual gathering of old friends.

This gathering was started by the originator of Open Space Technology Harrison Owen in the early 90’s outside Washington DC, U.S. In the mid-90’s this annual gathering began to move around the cities in the U.S. In 2002, OSonOS was held in Germany, making it more international. It has been held in the U.S., Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, India, Russia and Ukraine. It’s next stop in 2009 is Taiwan. For more details and registration, go to 2009 WOSONOS conference website.