Igniting the Light of Wisdom in Teams

Catalyzing Desired Change


The Two Forever Questions for Organizations

For any kind of organizations (company, department, or team), there are always two questions to consider: “What do we want to achieve?” And “How do we achieve that?” The answers to these questions will define the vision and strategic action of the organization. Based on the vision and strategic action, the structure, resource allocation, culture, process, and other aspects of an organization need to be adjusted correspondingly so as to induce the positive changes.

The Key to Positive Change: Consensus

Consensus among people is the key to positive change. If the members understand and agree with the vision and strategic action, then the following action planning, communication, and implementation could be oriented in the same direction, contributing synergistically to the positive change of the organization. Otherwise, internal friction will emerge, leading to the waste of time and energy, and the decline of morale.

Consensus is Built upon Participation and Communication

Consensus building requires the process of group participation and communication. During the process, different ideas can be heard and considered, and thus the group may come up with the best decision based on the collective wisdom of the group. Since members of the organization participate in the process, they would have a sense of ownership toward the outcome, and would be willing to dedicate themselves to the implementation. Therefore, among all the approaches to organizational development and change, consensus building is the one that could bring maximum support and minimum resistance.

We Facilitate the Process of Concensus Building

It requires expertise to build consensus effectively, which includes the process design beforehand and the process facilitation on-site. We employ various methods to support people to come up with diverse ideas, to understand one another, to explore, to analyze, to integrate, to build consensus, and to come up with a decision that last in the long run. By offering our best support to the design and facilitation of the process, we enable the participants to focus on the content of the discussion, thus improving the quality of decisions and other output from the process.

Services for Orgnizational Development and Change

Based on our expertise in facilitating consensus, we offer a variety of services in the following arena: “Strategic Planning and Implementation”, “Organization Development and Change”, “Team Integration and Innovation” and “Talent Development and Empowerment”.

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