Igniting the Light of Wisdom in Teams

Catalyzing Desired Change

Service Areas

Strategic Planning and Implementation

In order to develop strategies that could bring real breakthrough for an organization, the members need to have a shared understanding of current reality, and to collectively envision a desired future as well, such as development direction, vision or goal. A “creative tension” emerges when current reality and desired future are both clarified. This tension creates a potential to lead the organization (from its current reality) to the desired future. 

Next, the organization will need to explore the challenges and opportunities on its way to the future, with the purpose of identifying key breakthrough, supporting the members to think creatively and innovatively, producing a shared strategic focus, and converting the strategies into action. 

The services provided to support strategy planning and implementation includes “vision and mission co-creation”, “strategy development” and “action planning.”

Organizational Development and Change

After confirming vision and strategic action, the organization needs to make changes accordingly, with the answer to the question: “How do we develop ourselves to realize our vision and strategic action?” or “What kind of changes do we need?” The answers could be acquiring new talents or resources, adjusting current structure or mechanism, and developing new capabilities. In addition, the members need to have corresponding mindset, which involves creation or changes to the organizational culture and values.  

To support the leader to get a solid grasp on the current reality and the process of development and changes, we also provide consultancy and diagnosis services. By doing so, the leader could have a clear understanding in different aspects of the organization and therefore, lead the organization at a proper pace.

The services provided to organizational development and change include organization diagnosis and consulting”, “organizational change management,” and “organizational culture building.”

Team Integration and Innovation

A “Team” is the basic functional unit of an organization; hence, the organizational effectiveness relies on team effectiveness. We employ facilitation methods to support the team integration, including enhancing understanding and trust among team members, supporting the new leader integration into a team, resolving conflicts, and facilitating consensus.

We also facilitate team members to address their challenges and difficulties in a creative and innovative way, including the problems they have encountered in their projects, improving process and mechanism, and achieving a breakthrough in both services and products innovation. 

The services provided to support team integration and innovation includes “consensus building”, “creative problem solving”, and “team collaboration and conflict resolution.”

Talent Development and Empowerment

Talent Development and Empowerment

In addition to building consensus through the design and facilitation of meetings/workshops, we also support our clients in leadership development by providing training on facilitative leadership. Furthermore, we also design customized leadership development program to meet clients’ needs, thereby cultivating leadership-related mindset, methods, and skills.

We also provide one-on-one leadership coaching for leaders with critical roles in organizations. Through leadership coaching, leaders will be supported to explore and reflect on their leadership practice. With stronger leadership, the leaders are able to lead positive changes in the organizations. 

The services we provide in this area includes “leadership training”, “facilitation training”, and “leadership coaching.”

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