Our mission
Igniting the Light of Wisdom in Teams and Catalyzing Desired Change

Our mission
Igniting the Light of Wisdom in Teams and Catalyzing Desired Change

We are an international professional team, we believe in the power of team wisdom;

We unleash the potential for engagement and allow the desired positive change to happen.

We are committed to assisting:

  • Innovation and Development of “Organization”
  • “Team” cohesion and breakthrough
  • The transformation and growth of “individual”

How We Help

You have a reliable partner to work through challenges in different stages of organizational development.

Infinite possibilities are unfolded in open and authentic critical conversations.

Every meeting and workshop are powerful co-creation opportunities in your organization.

Meetings are field to enable incubated dreams for teams.

People are inspired and energized to step toward shared vision.

These validated realities that Open Quest had supported numerous clients to fulfill.

Our Results

IAF Facilitation Impact Award

Developed Certified Professional Facilitator

Recognition from Clients and Industry

Impact Based Reputation

Our Strengths



Founded in 2002, Open Wisdom is a pioneer in the guidance industry in Asia and the first company in Greater China with professional “guidance” as its core. In 2013, Open Quest established “Shanghai Ruiwen Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.” in Shanghai. In the past ten years, numerous successful cases and word of mouth have been accumulated.


We use the process of facilitation professional practice to assist organizations and leadership teams facing changes and challenges in various industries, clarify the status quo and explore the possibility of change, and form decisions and actions. We incorporate years of practical professional experience into guided training, and help managers who lead organizational development and innovation become guided practitioners.


The totem of open wisdom is designed in the shape of the English prefix Open Quest. Open Quest represents our journey to lead a team or individual to explore wisdom by opening up spaces for participation. The circle is the basic graphic of teamwork and communication, symbolizing the focus of our work on teamwork and communication, and also representing the position of the leader, Third Party Neutral. The facilitator calls himself a midwife, just like the small circle in the lower right corner, standing in the position of servant assistance, entering the team (the big circle on the left) when needed, helping the team to more easily and effectively produce the required results.


International service team

・Have international experience and have provided guidance and training services in Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, Africa and international organizations

・Experience serving multicultural teams and organizations

・A network of facilitators available around the world

Holders of various certifications and assessment qualifications

・The main members of the service team are all professional facilitators or certified reviewers certified by the International Facilitator Association (IAF).

・Professional certification with world-renowned guidance and assessment methods

Meet Our People

Laura Hsu

Cofounder of Open Quest. Awardee of IAF Facilitation Impact Award (FIA). Her mission is to love, experiment and create and bring the truth, the good and the beauty for the world.

Shawn Chung

Certified Professional Facilitator Master and a co-founder of Open Quest.

Lawrence Philbrook

Supporting individual and team transformation through facilitation and community building.

Ivan Huang

Supporting the sustainable development of various organizations and human society by facilitating systemic change.

Frieda Lin

She has years of experiences in helping multinational companies in consensus building, multilevel decisional making, strategic planning, leadership development and corporate wide communication meetings, etc.

Tony Wang

Tony is one of the core facilitator of Open Quest Facilitation Technology. He is specialized in facilitating workshops on team integration, strategy, and innovation management.
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